Accidentally ran a 5k

A good friend of mine decided to take up running, fast forward a few months, he loves it so much he's interested in running the comrades. To encourage his decision to enter, I told him I'd run a 5k if he entered. Now, if you've read my previous blogs, you know exactly how I feel about running.

When I started thinking about actually running my first ever 5k, the thought started becoming daunting. I'd never ran that far before, and to top it all off, my quad and knee have been giving me some problems of late (it's really not an excuse).

The next day, I put it off, it was a Saturday. Come Monday, who runs on a Monday right? As the excuses started piling up, it became excruciatingly obvious what I was doing, procrastinating. Thinking about it made it so much worse. Where would I start? Is this really for me? What about my hard earned gains?

Woke up Tuesday for my "daily" walks. Cold day, half asleep, decided, "you know what, let's just do it". So there I was, embarking on what would be at best, a subpar 5k, but nonetheless, my first one.

Overthinking creates unnecessary inertia, we tend to always want to do our best the first time around, which is always impossible.

Get up and go do that thing you've been waiting for the perfect time to do.

Todi Mugivhi, October 9th, 2016,

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