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If you took a peek at my Instagram feed, it's mostly gym bunnies showing off their perfect physique. I still haven't figured out how they manage to look that good AFTER the workout. I usually look like a moldy gluten-free sandwich by the end.

What draws my attention, though, are the comments. "I wish I had a body like yours" or "#dreamBodyGoals"

One ever asks how they got to look that good in the first place. Every time I come across one of those "Dream body in 21 days" articles, I cringe.

It seems we're all chasing the magic pill, that quick fix, that one quick program. That "10-minute workout" new bestseller.

THERE IS NO SHORT CUT. If you were to see an 18-month program, that's probably the one you should pick up. The point is to make a lifestyle change, and that takes time, it takes a heck of a lot of consistency, but that's not attractive to put out there.

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