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Seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone has this new "Scientifically formulated" super programme to get you shredded in just 3 months.

"Wow", you automatically gasp to yourself; right before they request you to email for further instructions.

I've been through these programmes myself, a couple of times.

Do they "work"? Some, sure, you will lose weight using some of these programmes, some are just the fitness equivalent of a Ponzi scheme.

My biggest issue is, what happens after the "transformation"?

Have you ever seen the after "after" picture? Most people tend to, say, fall off the wagon.

The problem here is that most programmes don't aim to change the habits that got you where you were in the first place. All they do is put you in an extremely controlled experiment to deliver on this ridiculously sensationalized goal.

3 months?! What happens for the next 30 years or so?

One of the reasons I love Crossfit is for the community you join, the support group that you have access to, and more importantly, the support and guidance from your coach, hopefully for the 30 years to come.

3 months transformation? Rather give me a 30-year life plan.

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