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You've finally made it home. What a day it has been. You've had to handle Susan from HR's meltdown. Had to listen to your d-bag boss brag, yet again, about how awesome he is and how the universe is lucky to have him. You've successfully stopped yourself from dropping a dumbbell on "Sir Grams a lot," who's hogging the squat rack for bicep curls.

You've stopped yourself from storming VW after you find out that the 6k quote they gave you was actually for something that costs R2 to fix (ok, this actually happened. I hate VW, so, so, so much!).

Finally, you're home, and in need of a psychological hug. You head straight to the snack cupboard (you know because love lives there, right?).

Now, believe it or not, this story plays out in two different outcomes. Outcome one: You open the door, to be greeted by the ever overly enthusiastic man in a yellow suit, the NikNaks man (add any goto snack of choice here).

Outcome two: bloody (really not what I meant) cupboard is bloody (nope) empty!

Instead of relying on willpower to stop yourself from binging, instead, change your environment.

Willpower gets depleted during the day, you shouldn't rely on it too much. If you change your environment to make it just that harder to binge, you'll be better off.

If you do not purchase whatever it is you have to stop yourself from consuming, you've won that battle.

Remove the temptation entirely, and you won't have to stop yourself from doing anything.

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