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BeFit 14 pcs Ultimate X-Bands - (Door Anchors)

  • R1,349.95
  • Ex Tax: R1,349.95
  • Brand: BeFit
  • Product Code: BF-X-BANDS-009
  • Availability: In Stock

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Tags: x-bands, resistance bands, crossfit, crossover symmetry

Essential bands for every fitness facility or home gym.

Improve your shoulder performance while reducing pain.

Great for developing shoulder strength for any type of throwing motion associated with Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Golf and other activities requiring shoulder stability.

X-Bands give you a wide range of workouts that allow you to target specific muscles and muscle groups with laser-like precision like shoulders, rotator cuff, and more.

You will be able to perform all internal and external rotator cuff exercises often used to strengthen shoulder and back stability needed to increase arm velocity or to prevent injury often associated with rigorous Fitness Programs.

How does it work?

Each X-Band can be used as a single band like our BeFit Resistance bands or they can be crossed over to form an X, as in the name. These can also be used for an unlimited number of exercises. Fantastic for all fitness programs, physical therapy, and injury rehab applications.


Pro-Grade Carabiners & Plastic Handles

Each band is 1000mm (1200mm including the handles) in length

If after 30 days, you are not seeing the results that you expected or just do not want the package - Simply return the system for a no-hassle refund.

Package Include:

  • 2x Yellow Cords (2.5kg Total Resistance)
  • 2x Green Cords (5kg Total Resistance)
  • 2x Red Cords (10kg Total Resistance)
  • 2x Blue Cords (15kg Total Resistance)
  • 2x Black Cords (20kg Total Resistance)
  • 4x Door Anchors
  • Carry Bag

1 Year Warranty

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