5 ways skipping is better than running

5 ways skipping is better than running

If you're reading this, you probably already know how much we love skipping over here. Running, not so much.


But don't worry, I'm not going to bore you about how skipping burns more calories than running and blah blah (I mean, it does, but that's not why you're here). Instead, here are unconventional reasons why skipping is better than running.


  1. If a skipping rope hurts you, you can hurt it right back. There's always that one time when the rope whips you so hard that you privately (almost) shed a tear. When this happens, you can throw the damn thing on the ground in frustration. I'm not entirely sure how you express frustration while running. Do you, like, kick the curb? (Disclaimer: Our skipping ropes are built to last, this point refers you just ours).
  2. It's cheaper. Yes, it is cheaper. Yes, I know, technically running is free, but is it? Five minutes into running, you need sneakers laced with goose down to keep you light. You somehow also need to measure your VO2 max (whatever that is).
  3. You don't need the road to skip. One metre by 1 metre, you're set. That's pretty much the space you need to skip. Yes, I know, you can get a treadmill, but that's just really worse than running.
  4. Ok, fine. It really, truly, does burn more calories than running.
  5. There are tons of lessons and apps to follow along with, creating a variable of endless workouts.


To help you along, here are some accounts to follow:






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