Fitness World has gone mad

Fitness World has gone mad
Is it me, or has the fitness world gone little nuts? I wish I could append "lately" to the assessment, but it's been a while. The only thing that seems to change is the latest trend of madness (which somehow seems to try and outdo the last).

We have just gotten over the coffee and lemon trend; the next thing I stumbled across was a video claiming you can manifest weight loss by saying affirmations to your water before drinking it.

Zoom in a little, and you'll remember those ab cruncher infomercials that promised you 6-pack abs, in just 21 days, in the comfort of your home, on the couch, eating your favourite snack, chips, sprinkled on your chest.

What in the hell happened? It seems like at some point, it all became about the result, weight loss. We have become so obsessed with how we look, or should I rather say how models look on magazines and social media. We have gone "ab crazy."

Weight loss is (or at least should) the result of increased physical activity and a balanced diet. You know, the routine service your vehicle (your body) needs to function optimally.

When did this result become the objective? Have we lost sight of the point of it all, perhaps?! Don't get me wrong, everybody wants to "look good," which has somehow become a social pressure none of us can escape. The issue is, at what cost? Is it not more sustainable to focus on what you can control? You can control what you eat and how often you are active. What you cannot control (say it with me) is weight loss.

Your body requires routine services, focus on those and perhaps put the cling wrap and the black refuse bags back in the kitchen cupboard. You do not need to wrap your stomach while "doing cardio."

It is important to remember that most fitness models/trainers/influencers fall within the top elite group. How you look is the business for them. You will rarely find anyone who has that level of discipline just for the love of fitness (I say fitness, but really, it's bodybuilding. Yes, there is a difference, but you've struggled to read this far already, so we'll address this later).

Be kind to yourself; focus on what you can control. Let the weight loss be a result of what you can maintain, not the focus. You are, after all, going to be servicing your vehicle for a very long time.

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