IG Live workout - on demand 12/06

IG Live workout - on demand 12/06

So this past weekend saw us kick off our live sessions (we were live on Instagram). What I thought was going to be us easing into it turned out to be a grueling session that, I hate to admit, suffered through (and thoroughly enjoyed).

Here's the workout below. Try it, archive it for later. Do join us at the next one.

The workout requires a set of kinetic bands and the belt set (optional).

Illustrations of the exercises are available in our exercise list.

Air skipping
High knee
Jumping jacks
(20 reps x 3 sets)

- Squat and inch warm
- Plyo lunges
- Sumo time under tension
- Squats
- Jump squats
- Jump squats and plyo lunges

Each exercise:
(10reps x 3 sets)

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